Current Daily Fuel Mix of Electric Generation Companies

pjm aug 14

By T.L. Headley, MBA, MA

CHARLESTON, W.Va – Despite the news the media pushes, the truth is out there if you look for it.

Taking a look at the latest data from the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission (FERC), coal currently makes up more than half the daily fuel mix for most of the United States.

In some areas it is difficult to determine what the daily fuel mix is because they do not adequately report the fuel mix. This is the case in California and New York. In terms of Miso august 14California, the only fuel mix they report is the renewable content — which only provides about 20 percent of the daily needs. The remaining 80 percent is apparently undisclosed.



Southwest Power Pool August 14

California ISO August 14, 2016










ISO fuel mix August 14










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