WV Coal Lauds House as it approves Resolutions of Disapproval Joining Senate in Opposition to Job-Killing EPA Costly Power Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a 235-178 party-line vote, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve two joint resolutions, S.J.Res.23 and S.J.Res.24, which disapprove the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s rules for new and existing power plants. The resolutions would effectively nullify EPA’s final rules ensuring they have no force or effect.

All three members of West Virginia’s delegation to the House of Representatives voted to support the resolutions of disapproval.

The vote included 231 Republicans voting yes with only 10 voting against the measure, whereas 178 Democrats voted against the measures versus only four who voted with the Republican majority to oppose the Obama Administration’s job killing rules. The resolutions have already passed the Senate by a strong majority with both West Virginia senators voting for the measures.

“We are happy that the Congressional majority recognizes the damage this plan has already done to our industry and to the nation’s electric grid,” said West Virginia Coal Association President Bill Raney. “We would like to thank Senators Capito and Manchin along with Representatives McKinley, Jenkins and Mooney for their leadership in moving these resolutions through the Congress.

“We believe the EPA’s Clean Power Plan threatens the nation’s electric grid and its economy,” Raney said. “West Virginia is already seeing the damage, with many of our counties seeing unemployment rates of more than 13 percent, but make no mistake, if this plan is implemented the rest of the nation will share in the pain.”

Analysis of EPA’s power plan  shows compliance costs totaling nearly $300 billion, making it the most expensive regulation every imposed on the electric sector. Additionally, each of the Lower 48 states will see electricity prices climbing. Forty-one of those states will see double digit increases with 28 facing peak year increases of 20 percent or more. Despite these enormous costs, the plan will have virtually no effect on global climate change.


Bill Raney, president

West Virginia Coal Association

Ph. 304.342.4153

Email: braney@wvcoal.com

One thought on “WV Coal Lauds House as it approves Resolutions of Disapproval Joining Senate in Opposition to Job-Killing EPA Costly Power Plan

  1. We need to be able to afford our power bill and not pay outrageous price. We deserve to have a job. We lost our job and can’t afford the power bill and other bills. I’m 61 years old and lost my job last year. Me and my wife r fighting to make ends meat. Can’t find another job because of my age and can’t get my social security. Something needs to be done and stop the EPA and Obama

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