Southern States Energy Board opposes Clean Power Plan, Supports Legal Challenge & Option of “No Plan” by Governors

WVCA Welcomes Resolution by Regional Energy Organization

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS – The West Virginia Coal Association applauded this week’s decision by the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) to add its name to the rapidly growing list of states and organizations opposed to the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan.  The SSEB signaled its opposition formally by passing a resolution of opposition at its annual meeting, September 28, in White Sulphur Springs.

In passing the resolution, the SSEB cited the economic costs of the plan including job losses across the region and country, double-digit inflation of energy costs and the endangerment of grid reliability among other factors leading to their opposition to the CPP.

The WVCA welcomes the decision by the SSEB to officially oppose the Clean Power Plan.

“This plan will destroy tens of thousands of jobs across West Virginia,” said Chris Hamilton, senior vice president of the West Virginia Coal Association. “And that is on top of the tens of thousands of jobs already lost due to the Obama Administration’s on-going war on coal.  Unemployment across the coalfields is at 13, 14 and even 15 percent and rising. Communities are going bankrupt and it is threatening the budgets and economies of entire states.

“More and more organizations are seeing these policies for what they are and they are standing up in opposition,” Hamilton continued. “Hopefully, we can somehow reach this president and get him to understand that you can’t build an economy on some fantasy, you have to build it on hard work and it has to be grounded in reality. And if we can’t get this president and this administration to act responsibly, then hopefully Congress will listen and we can get the administration’s attacks rolled back through their efforts.”

The resolution was authored by West Virginia’s Legislative coalition and SEEB Members, Senate President Bill Cole and Delegates Woody Ireland and J.B. McCuskey. The resolution was unanimously adopted  by all voting members. Before the measure passed, practically every state voiced its displeasure with EPA and the Clean Power Plan.



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