West Virginia Coal Association Announces Results of Board Elections

At our recent Annual Meeting, the following individuals were elected to three-year terms on the Association’s Board of Directors (their representative companies shown in parenthesis): Ralph Ballard (WWMV, LLC), Gary Bennett (Arch Coal), Russell Bolyard (L&P Mineral), Pat Graney (Narcelle Logistics), Bobby Hypes (South Fork Coal), Greg Jessee (Met Resources), Tim McLean (Walker Machinery), Marty Petrunyak (Nelson Brothers) and Mike Zervos (United Energy). 

Also during their meeting, the Board of Directors elected the following officers and Executive Committee members for the next year:  Chairman of the Board—Jimmy Brock (Consol Energy); 1st Vice-Chairman—Mike Carey (Murray Energy); 2nd Vice-Chairman—Jimmy Bunn II (Coal River Energy);Secretary—Gary Bennett (Arch Coal); Treasurer—Andrew Jordon (Pritchard Mining); Assistant Treasurer—Ben Beakes (Alpha Natural Resources); Associate Division Chairman—Tim McLean (Walker Machinery); Members at Large — Mike Day (Patriot Coal), Warren Hylton (Patience Coal), Kevin Craig (NRP); President—Bill Raney; Senior Vice-President—Chris Hamilton; and Vice-President—Jason Bostic. 


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