Energy Expert Releases Study Showing Electric Prices Will Soar Under EPA’s Clean Power Plan

CHARLESTON — A state by state analysis by Eugene Trisko, an attorney who often represents the United Mine Workers, conducted for American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), estimates electric power prices will rise substantially should the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) clean power plant (CPP) rule be finalized.

A 2014 study by NERA Economic Consulting estimated the CPP will cause double-digit electricity rate increases in 43 states, an increase seniors’ on fixed budgets and the poor, a large percentage of which are minorities, have little room to absorb. Escalating costs could force seniors and the poor to forgo meals and doctor visits just to afford electricity – a devastating consequence that could seriously impact their health.

• NERA Economic Consulting, “Assessing Economic Impacts of a Stricter National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Ozone,” July 2014:
• Eugene Trisko, “State Energy Costs for Families,” April 2015;

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