Repealing the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard

We are urging our members to support the passage of SB 1 and HB 2001. Call your legislators today!Bill: SB1/HB2001
Status: Up for consideration TODAY in the Senate Energy Industry & Mining Committee at 1 p.m. and House Energy Committee at 2:30 p.m.

Action Needed: Contact House and Senate members and encourage them to approve HB2001/SB1.

Background: Also known as the state’s “cap and trade” program, the portfolio law contains both reduction and attainment dates by which West Virginia electric utilities are required to use a higher percentage of renewable energy forms. When this law passed in 2009, no one could have predicted the devastating impact of the federal government’s war on coal, particularly in Central Appalachia. Imposing a state-based “cap and trade” program no longer makes sense for West Virginia, and it should be repealed. U.S. EPA policies have contributed to a reduction in state coal production by more than 30%. Rather than imposing artificial mandates on electric power sources that are not market-driven, West Virginia needs to use every tool in its arsenal to protect the coal industry and West Virginians’ access to reliable, affordable electric power.

Bill Summary: HB2001/SB1 would repeal the portions of W.Va. §24-2F  that were added with the passage of HB103 in 2009.

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