CHARLESTON –The Friends of Coal social media network is continuing its unprecedented growth, adding another 1,300 fans over the past 15 days, bringing our total footprint to 86,536 fans. During that period we made 848 posts and received 18,100 incoming comments from 10,900 unique users. In total, we garnered 783,000 impressions during the two-week period – down slightly from our previous report.
            Over the past 90 days we added 16,600 new fans and 307 new Twitter followers. We made 7,900 posts and received 174,700 incoming messages and comments from 106,700 unique users. In total, we garnered 7.4 million impressions during the period.
            Our Friends of Coal National page now has 35,400 fans and our Friends of Coal West Virginia page has reached 28,100 fans.  Also, the new Friends of Coal – Indiana page has seen phenomenal growth since its inception one month ago. It is now at 2,128 likes and growing rapidly. Meanwhile the Friends of Coal – Virginia page is at 7,311 likes and the Friends of Coal – Pennsylvania and Friends of Coal – Ohio pages are at 1,279 and 1,301 likes, respectively.  The Friends of Coal – North Carolina page is currently at 1,173 likes.
            We are also maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn, with almost 2,500 connections and a total reach of approximately 2 million, as well as on the Pinterest and Instagram photo sharing sites. We will keep you updated on our efforts.


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