The West Virginia Coal Seam is the official blog of the West Virginia Coal Association. Located in Charleston, WV, the WVCA is the largest state coal association in the nation, representing about 98 percent of the coal production in the second largest coal-producing state in the nation. Contact us at 304.342.4153 or visit our website at http://www.wvcoal.com.

Located in Charleston, W.Va., the West Virginia Coal Association is a trade association representing more than 90 percent of the state’s underground and surface coal mine production. Its purpose is to have a unified voice representing the state’s coal industry as well as increase emphasis on coal as a reliable energy source to help the nation achieve energy independence.

Our Mission:  By communicating with one voice, we will work together to create an environment that will establish West Virginia coal as a safer, cleaner and more competitive energy source.  

  • To take all necessary steps to ensure the WVCA is the leading voice for all matters related to coal in West Virginia.
  • To be a strong advocate for improving safety at our members’ operations through education, legislative and administrative actions and bring positive recognition to the safety accomplishments of our members.
  • To implement an organized, focused effort to inform key demographic segments across West Virginia of the advantages of using West Virginia coal.

The WVCA will assemble and disseminate to members and the public factual information about the industry in the state and elsewhere; keep its members informed of governmental matters affecting the industry; and engage in such other lawful and legitimate activities as may be necessary to properly safeguard, protect and advance the industry, its members and the public.

Our Board

Board of Directors
(* — denotes Executive Committee Members)

* –Mr. Jimmy Brock
Consol Energy
Term Ending: August 2017
* –Mr. Jim Bunn, II
Coal River Energy
Term Ending: August 2016
* –Mr. Ben Hatfield
Patriot Coal
Term Ending: August 2016
* — Mr. Gary Bennett
Arch Coal, Inc.
Term Ending: August 2015

* — Mr. Andrew Jordon
Pritchard Mining Company, Inc.
Term Ending: August 2016
* –Mr. Ben Beakes
Alpha Natural Resources
Term Ending: August 2016
* — Mr. Tim McLean
Walker Marchinery Company
Term Ending: August 2015

* –Mr. James L. Laurita, Jr.
L.P. Minerals, LLC
Term Ending: Augutst 2015

* — Mr. Louis Southworth, II
Jackson Kelly, PLLC


Jeff Allen, Pardee Minerals, LLC (term ending August 2017)
Ralph Ballard, WWMV, LLC (term ending August 2015)
James O. Bunn, Blue Creek Processing (term ending August 2017)
Mike Carey, Murray Energy (term ending August 2016)
Kevin Craig, Natural Resource Partners, LP (term ending August 2016)
Larry Evans, Western Coal Company Atlantic Development (term ending August 2017)
Patrick Graney, II, Pilot Logistics Services (term ending August 2015)
Ralph Hamilton, Rudd Equipment Company (term ending August 2017)
Warren Hylton, Patience, Inc. (term ending August 2017)
Greg Jessee, Arcelor Mittal of Princeton (term ending August 2017)
Myron Jones, Rish Equipment Company (term ending August 2017)
John Payne, Pocahontas Land Corp. (term ending August 2017)
Marty Petrunyak, Nelson Brothers, LLC (term ending August 2015)
Drexel Short, Gatling, LLC (term ending August 2017)
Wayne H. Stanley, Stanley Industries, Inc./Victory of WV (term ending August 2017)
J. Christopher Supcoe, Crown Hill Equipment, Inc. (term ending August 2016)
Dave Thomas, Alliance Coal, LLC (term ending August 2016)
Wayne Thomas, Joy Global (term ending August 2016)
Dave Webb, Cliffs North American Coal, LLC. (term ending August 2016)
John Wellford, Marsh Fork Resources, LLC. (term ending August 2015)
Gary G. White, International Resource Partners, LP/James River Coal (term ending August 2016)
Robert Worley, Baylor Mining, Inc. (term ending August 2017)
Mike Zervos, United Coal Company, LLC. (term ending August 2015)

Executive Staff Includes:

  • President – Bill Raney (braney@wvcoal.com)
  • Senior Vice President – Chris Hamilton (chamilton@wvcoal.com)
  • Vice President – Jason Bostic (jbostic@wvcoal.com)

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I notice that every member of your organizing board, and every name on the above list is a “Mr”. Where are the women who support your mission?

    • Fully 55 percent of our Friends of Coal members are women. In addition our coal companies and our vendors are well represented by women. In addition we have a completely independent organization called Friends of Coal Ladies, who support our activities and serve to extend them to assistance programs such as Christmas drives, service in veterans homes and many other programs.

  2. My parents were workers in the Pennsylvania textile industry, starting in the 1920’s, so I have always supported all those who toil to create a better life for their families and, indirectly all of us through their labors. When the US Government tries to destroy a major industry such as coal, it is outrageous and is totally repugnant to me. However, there is a ray of hope in Donald Trump and South Africa, yes South Africa. For over 50 years, Sasol, a South African company has been converting thousands of tons of coal each year into clean diesel fuel. This is accomplished by using the Fischer-Tropsch process that was developed in Germany in the 1930’s

    It is my opinion that the Coal Associations of the US should approach Donald Trump with a plan to transform the present coal industry into a diesel fuel manufacturing industry as in South Africa. With help from the Government, in a Trump Administration, the workers would go back to work, the coal would be converted into diesel fuel to help make the US energy independent and the entire country would benefit.

    Please come up with a plan and submit to the Trump Team, as this could be a major economic program for him to support.

  3. Phoenix Energy of Nevada has a new process using heat induction and magnetic fields that will reduce or your emissions, and /or convert your coal to oil and aid with remediation liabilities. This new technology promises to reduce the effect the environmental movement is having on your business and the state’s employment. If you are bold enough to take a look at it, the website is http://www.phoenixenergynv.com

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